General Questions

Why Equity bank's Internet banking?

Equity bank's Internet banking service is a state of the art facility, which allows you to do virtually all your banking activities. With it you can access all your banking and depository accounts with the Bank, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.
A host of features like booking fixed deposits, transferring funds, paying your utility bills among others will definitely make Equity bank's Internet banking the most convenient way for you to conduct your banking activities.

What can I do with Equity bank's Internet banking?

Internet banking opens up an entirely new way of doing your banking, anytime and from anywhere, provided you have access to an internet connection. You can do the following:

1) View
Details of all your accounts with the Bank (Operative, deposit and loan accounts)
Transaction details, Cheque status, Transaction history and more

2) Transact
Transfer funds between your own Equity Bank Ltd accounts, with any other Equity Bank account OR any other bank participating in the EFT / RTGS networks
Open a fixed deposit by transferring funds from your savings / current account
Place a stop payment on your cheque (s)
Order a demand draft or cashier's cheque
Pay utility bills or schedule your payments for particular days

3) You can make the following requests online:
Apply for an official bank statement
Reporting a card lost
Opening an account, i.e either operative, Fixed deposit or Loan accounts
Request a cheque book
Stop a cheque

4) Calculate
The amount required if you wish to pay off your loan
The amount due to you if you wish to close your Fixed Deposit

5) Communicate
With the Bank through a secure mail facility

6) Customize
Your password
Give nicknames to your accounts
Set the date and amount format to your convenience

7) Register Online
You can create both your user id & login password online on internet banking
You can also create your Transaction Password online

8) Change your address online

How do I apply for internet Banking?

If you are an existing customer of the Bank then you can register online* for Internet banking. This service is available for only individual customers not corporate Users

Are my transactions secure?

Equity Bank uses a combination of robust processes and state of the art infrastructure to provide you a very secure Internet Banking experience. To mention a few safeguards

A.) Technology

The Bank will be constantly monitoring and upgrading its technology to make sure that your accounts are absolutely secure. The Bank maintains the highest standards as far as security technology is concerned, some of which are:

128 bit SSL encryption - This is the highest level of security available for communication and transactions on the Internet. SSL encryption allows the Bank to encrypt information, so that when it travels through the internet, it is scrambled and cannot be accessed by anyone else. SSL also ensures information is sent to the correct place and that it is not tampered with.

Verisign Certification This internet banking site is certified by VeriSign as a VeriSign Secure Site. VeriSign, Inc. is the leading provider of trusted infrastructure services to websites, enterprises, electronic commerce service providers and individuals. (

Secure mail: The 128 bit SSL encryption used ensures that the mail facility available on Internet banking gives you a higher level of security for your communication with the bank, as opposed to general email facilities available on the internet.

B.) Customer Access Security:

User ID and Passwords - Every customer requires a User ID and a Login Password to access Equity Bank's Internet Banking. In addition a Transaction Password is required for conducting any transactions.

Unauthorized access - In case there are five unsuccessful attempts to log in or transact on your Internet Banking, the login/transaction password is disabled to prevent any unauthorized access. Furthermore, if you have logged into Internet Banking and have not used the application for 10 minutes, the system automatically logs you out. This is to prevent any unauthorized access of your account, in case you have left your computer unattended, without having logged out of Internet banking.

What does online registration mean?

You can now register for Internet Banking online on Equity Bank's Internet Banking. You do not need to fill up any form or sign any document to get enabled for Internet Banking

What is the Internet Banking "Mailbox"?

Your Mailbox is a personal channel to allow you to ask questions and to receive responses about your accounts. An alternative to calling the branch, it provides another convenient way for you to communicate with the bank about your accounts. It also ensures that the Bank is communicating with you and not with someone else.

Is the Internet Banking Mailbox secure?

The 128 bit SSL encryption used ensures that the mail facility available on Internet Banking gives you a higher level of security for your communication with the bank, as opposed to general email facilities available on the internet.

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Till how far back will my account transaction history be available for viewing on Internet Banking?

Your account transaction history of at least the previous three months will be available on Internet Banking.

Can I save my account statement on my computer?

Yes! You can save your account information on to your computer by clicking on the "Save As" radio button, while doing a query or requesting for a statement. There are various formats you can download a statement, such as Text, Excel, PDF, MT940 formats

What if one of my accounts is not reported on Internet Banking?

If you don't see an account reported on Internet Banking, just let us know by sending us a message from within your "mailbox" in Internet Banking and we will resolve your problem at the earliest. Note that only the accounts linked under the particular Customer Relationship Number will be shown. New Accounts opened during the day get updated on Internet Banking the following day.

What is my primary account?

The primary Internet Banking account is the default account used for your Internet Banking transactions. You can select and set any of your operative accounts as the Primary account from the Customize option.

What are nicknames?

Nicknames are customized names that you can give to your account for your own convenience. e.g. you could nickname your Loan Account # 3319600 as "Loan for Car", or Fixed Deposit Account # 3219888 as "Saved for Tom's school fees".

What is a Cyber Receipt? Can I save a Cyber Receipt?

A Cyber Receipt is an acknowledgement for a transaction conducted on Internet Banking. It is for your information and records. You can take a print out of this receipt or save this in your computer, or to your Internet Banking "Mailbox". Please note that the Cyber Record is not binding on the bank. The information as per the Bank's system and records shall be conclusive and final proof of any transaction carried over Internet Banking. In case of any discrepancy between the Cyber Receipt and the bank's records, bank's records shall be conclusive and prevail.

Can I view a history of my activities?

Yes you can access history of your activities on Internet Banking in the "Welcome Page" Section under the option of "Regular Activities" or the "Other Activities" option.

Can I do a pre mature withdrawal or close a Fixed Deposit on Internet Banking?

Yes. You can request for a pre-mature withdrawal of a selected Fixed Deposit over Internet Banking. You can use our Fixed Deposit Closure Simulator to find out your returns before submitting your request to the Bank.

How do I know that my Fixed Deposit has been booked?

When your Fixed Deposit is booked, you will immediately receive a Cyber Receipt confirming the same. Your new Fixed Deposit will also be listed in your Internet Banking account statements, and will reflect in the transaction history of your funding account. In case your Fixed Deposit is not booked instantly and you have submitted a request for the same, you will receive a confirmation of your request, and your request will be saved in the sent mail of your Internet Banking "Mailbox". When your fixed deposit is booked the next working day, you will receive a notification in your Internet Banking "Mailbox". The same will be listed in your Internet Banking's Fixed Deposits statements, and also in the transaction history of your funding account.

Stop Cheque ;

How do I know the status of the cheque (if it is paid or not)? What if I don't remember the Cheque Number?

You can inquire about the status of your cheque in the "Stop Payment" section. If you do not remember the cheque number you can search for it in our "Cheque Book Search" option.

How long will it take to activate the Stop Payment? How do I know that my Stop Payment Instruction has been accepted?

Your Stop Payment will be done instantly. You will receive a Cyber Receipt confirming the same.

Can I revoke the Stop Payment Instruction placed by me?

No. Once you have received your Cyber Receipt confirming that your Stop Payment has been done, it is not possible to revoke the same over Internet Banking. For revoking a Stop Payment Instruction, you will be required to send a letter to the Bank.

What are the charges for Stop Payment?

There are no charges for accessing Internet Banking. However standard bank charges for Stop Payment requests do apply. Please refer to the EQUITY BANK Schedule of Charges for the exact amount.

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What is Electronic Bill Payment?

Electronic Bill Payment is a service that allows you to view as well as pay your bills over Internet Banking, ATMs and Automated Bank by Phone services, 24 hours a day. Instead of using a cheque you can pay the biller directly from these electronic banking channels. You can also schedule your payments for later days and set up auto pay instructions for bills that are presented to you on Internet Banking.

Who can I pay?

The Bank has tied up with Electricity, Telephone, Mobile and Insurance companies, for Electronic Bill Payment from our customers. You can pay the bills of the billers that you have registered for with the Bank from the using Internet Banking, or by submitting the Electronic Banking form at the branch.

How do I register for a biller? How long does it take?

You can register for a biller online, by logging into Internet Banking and navigating to the "Manage Biller" option under the Transaction Support Services section. Select your Utility Biller, and add your identification details for payment. You will need your Internet Banking transaction password to add the biller to your Personal list of payees.
For Billers who provide bill details to the bank (Presentment Type billers), customers would be able to make payment only on presentment of the bill on Internet Banking, ATM or Automated Bank by Phone. The bills would be presented online, in the next billing cycle of your biller, after validation of your Registration details.
For other billers (Payment type billers) that you have registered, you can make a payment anytime, after logging into Internet Banking and going to the Bill Payment & Presentment Option.

How do I make a payment for my registered billers?

To make a payment for a registered Presentment Biller, go to the Bill Presentment Option under the Bill Payment section in Internet Banking, select the outstanding bill, and choose to pay instantaneously or later. For a Payment only Biller, you need to navigate to the Bill Payment option under the Bill Payment section, and select your registered biller for payment.
When you pay your biller online, you will immediately receive a Cyber Receipt for your payment. Your transaction will also reflect in your debit account's statement online, and in the Payment Archive option under the Bill Payment section.
When you schedule a bill for later you will receive a Cyber Receipt for the same and your request will be listed in the "Scheduled payments" section". When your payment is made on the scheduled date it will reflect in your funding account's statement and in the Payment Archive section.

When is my scheduled payment processed?

Your scheduled payment is processed after 8:30 p.m. on the scheduled date. After this time it will not be possible for you to cancel, or modify the payment scheduled for that day.
Can I cancel a scheduled payment? What are the charges?
Yes! You can cancel a scheduled payment from the Scheduled Payment option under the Mange Billers section of Internet Banking. However please be aware that if you have set up a recurring payment schedule for a Payment Type biller, cancelling the scheduled payment would cancel all subsequent payments for that recurring schedule as well and not just a specific single payment. Scheduled payments can only be cancelled before 8:30 p.m. of the scheduled day.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes. You can cancel a scheduled payment. You can do this by going to the navigation; Transaction management, view scheduled transactions, scheduled payments, select on the particular payment and click 'stop'. If you stop a scheduled payment, it will show a status of cancelled.

Should the scheduled date I give be the date the payment is actually due?

It is advisable that the scheduled date you give be at least 48 hours before the due date, since it takes the Biller a couple of days to update their records with the electronic payment received from the Bank.

What if I don't have enough money to cover a scheduled transfer?

If you do not have enough money in your account your scheduled payment will not be made. It will reflect as a failure in your payment archive. You will have to make the payment again through Internet Banking after funding your account.

What is auto pay?

Auto pay is a standing payment instruction you can create for the Presentment type billers that you have registered for. You can set up Auto pay instruction using the Manage Biller Option under Transactions Support services section in Internet Banking, at the time of Adding the biller, or later, by choosing the Edit Biller details option. With auto pay you can set a maximum limit for your bill amount, below which Internet Banking will automatically pay your bill.
Auto Pay feature schedules the payment for the due date as in your bill presented online.

How do I cancel auto pay?

You can cancel or modify your auto pay setup from the "Manage Billers" option, by selecting your personal biller and choosing the Edit Details option. A single auto payment instruction will also reflect in the scheduled payment section. If you wish to cancel or modify only a single instruction and not the standing Auto pay instruction, you can do so from the Scheduled Payments option under Bill Payment section after the particular payment has been auto-scheduled, and before the due date of payment.

How do I know that my auto pay is made?

When your Auto payment instruction is carried out successfully it will reflect in your funding account statement and the Payments Archive option under Bill Payment section in Internet Banking.

Can I make payments after the due date or can I pay my bill in multiple transaction?

This will depend on the biller. For a Payment Only Biller, you can pay any amount, anytime, and the payment will be adjusted against your outstanding amount by the Biller, depending on the due date.
For a Presentment Type biller, you will be able to see the relevant options in the Biller details, as well as in the presented bill when you are making payment to the respective biller. The due amount may increase for payment after due date, depending on the biller.

Is there an amount limit for paying a bill?

Yes! There is a transaction limit, as well as a daily limit for Bill payments. You can view this limit in the Limit Inquiry section of Transaction Support Services. The daily limit displayed here is the combined limit for bill payments and predesignated third party account transfers.

Can I pay somebody else's bill?

Yes ! You can. If you wish to pay the bill for your spouse, siblings, parents, company etc you can. All you need to do is fill in the relevant details in the payee section while adding a biller.

Will I still receive my paper bill?

Yes, you will still receive your paper bill as you did previously.

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Technical Support

What can I do to the browser to enhance my Internet Banking experience?

Some useful tips to enhance your Internet Banking experience

  • Do not use the "Back" icon on your browser. Only use the "Back" icon located at the left bottom corner of your Internet Banking screen.
  • All error messages will be shown as a pop-up window. Please close the pop-up window by clicking on the close button provided on the top before proceeding with your activity.
  • Click on an icon only once, to avoid errors.
  • Use the Internet Banking recommended browsers (Internet Explorer ver 6 and above).
  • Use a 100%x600 resolution screen.
  • Use Java Script and CSS enabled browsers.

What should I do if I do not get a response after clicking on a hyperlink or icon?

Sometimes the Internet becomes unavoidably slow to respond. If there is a delay in response from when you have clicked something, please wait. Avoid clicking repeatedly on a particular link.

What is cache? Should I clear it?

Cache is the process your browser uses to store pages on your hard disk as you view them. This enables quick access to often-used pages. Please periodically clear your cache memory in your browser. Use your browser Help option to find out how to clear your cache.

What do I do if my Internet connection gets cut off during a dial up session?

If your connection gets cut off, don't panic, all you need to do is reconnect. If you take more than 10 minutes to reconnect the computer will automatically log you out. In this case you will need to close all your browser windows and login to Internet Banking again.

Why does my browser look different?

So that you are discouraged from using the Back (logo) icon on your browser. When you access Internet Banking the "Standard Buttons" bar of your Internet Explorer Browser may not appear on your browser.

Why is my Internet Banking screen not fitting on my screen properly? What should my screen resolution be?

This could be because your screen resolution is not set to the 100%X600 resolution as recommended. You will need to change your display settings for a 100%X600 resolution.

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